Sandy, Carefree Desert Boho Portrait Shoot in Glamis Sand Dunes, CA

Photographer and dear friend Marika Adamopoulos and I roadtripped out to the deserts of the Glamis Sand Dunes in Southern California for a portrait shoot. Though we were outnumbered by dirtbikers and quad riders, we took advantage of the dunes for our own carefree portrait shoot. 

We woke up at sunrise and decided to leave all worries behind us.

The sun began to rise. My favorite portraits are always candid, and Marika's gorgeous Greek hair did all the work for both of us.


Tips for going out to the Glamis Sand Dunes:

  1. Stay in the slightly more expensive hotel, especially if you are two women. We rolled in late at night and had to pass by some suspicious-looking men drinking on the balcony. We wished we had stayed in the nicer place and paid a little extra.
  2. Pack your water, but don't plan on peeing while you're out there. It's a pretty much unsupervised outdoor recreational area, and the town is 30 miles away. 
  3. If you're looking for the perfect untouched piece of the dunes to shoot in, drive just a little further in and go in the morning. That way you'll have minimal tire tracks in your photos, and you won't be in anybody's way.